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    Is it away I can transfer my contacts FROM my pre TO the computer??
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    Hi Ike410 and Welcome to the PreCentral forums!

    Yes there are a couple of ways to transfer your contacts to your computer. The easiest (and free) way is by using a Patch available in Preware called: "Send All Contacts via Email"
    The patch allows you to to export your contacts to a vCard file and email them. From there you can import them into Outlook or another program.

    I would also suggest taking a look at the following thread. It's a great resource for new members and answers a lot of questions about webOS devices:
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    Thanks a lot! I'm gonna look at everything now!
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    Not a problem... we also have a great forum loaded with tons of information. Take a look at our Palm Pre Device and Accessories forum and you will find many 'stickies' (threads) at the top of there on various 'how-to' topics for new users. Tons of goodies in there! If you have questions about anything, just ask!
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    Okay i fdo have another question. I have had Preware on my phone before but lost it when i got a new one. I'm trying to install it again and it keeps telling me connection refused, no device found. I already put my phone in developers mode.
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    Pre to Google contacts, then Google to Excel would be my way of doing this.
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    If you are sure your phone is in Developer Mode, I would do a couple of things. Restart your phone and restart your computer (to make sure everything loads correctly - I've had issues on Win7 with that). Make sure you are using the original Palm USB cord and not an aftermarket cord. If the device still isn't recognized, try reinstalling Novacom from WOSQI.

    Also.. if you are using Windows 7, check out this thread for fixes to problems:
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    Quote Originally Posted by theclares View Post
    Pre to Google contacts, then Google to Excel would be my way of doing this.
    Once your contacts are on the device and associated with an account (ie: Google, Palm Profile, Yahoo, etc) there is no way to change that association. So if his contacts are part of his Palm Profile, he couldn't save them to Google and then to Excel. The only solution would be to export the contacts into a vCard file and email them wherever you want.

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