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    while i was playing around with my pre today i found an alternate way to unlock the screen from the slide to unlock screen.

    instead of sliding the little circle out of the area, you can also just swipe up from the gesture area and the screen will unlock

    just a small tip that i found amusing and IMO quicker to unlock the screen with one hand.
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    I have to swipe up in the center anyway for it to register...
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    Great tip. I never knew that. Thanks!

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    yes, this really works, thank you!
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    wow.....learn something new every day. really works.
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    I'm loving my PrePlus UberKernal 1ghz overclock. I use a 250/1000 screenstate governor, and I love it for speed and battery life. My only complaint is how the unlock screen is laggy right after the pre comes on, but with this sweet tip it doesn't matter! The unlock screen vanishes before it has a chance to lag! Thanks a lot!

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