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    I unfortunately slammed my door and broke my screen on my launch day Pre a couple of weeks ago. Never have I had any issues with it previously (okay... broke the USB port cover, a couple small scratches on the side before I got my screen protector (doesn't help when slammed in a Tahoe door though!).
    So not wanting to use my yearly upgrade when the Great Pre 2 was in the near future, I decided to go the insurance route. This REFURBISHED phone seems okay at this point.
    However, now that I've got to send my Busted Pre back, what steps should I go through to ensure personal data is removed as much as possible.
    Obviously I can not see a darn thing in the display, so I am unable to launch the USB mode option when given.
    Any thoughts/recommendations are appreciated. I would imagine at this point patches etc... are a mute point since obviously the problem was the screen (not over-clocking etc..).
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    alt+sym+U for usb mode to copy/delete the files.

    then call palm and have them remotr-wipe it.
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    Too late for remote wipe.
    I had the NEW Pre up and running and re-installed all my "stuff" within an hour of the FedEx truck pulling out of my driveway! So the old phone has no live connection (guessing not a smart move on my part!)
    It was amazing how addicted I got to having my phone and being without it for nearly a week (trying to decide... use upgrade for a Pre, re-activate a BB Curve or insurance... I really didn't want to step back to the BB (great for my email - but that was about it!

    I forgot about the hot keys to enter USB... thanks for the nudge!
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    see the "doctor" assuming it was in Dev mode when you killed it.

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