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    I've been having some issues with the screen not centering properly while typing on occasion over the last couple of days and just seeing if anyone else has had the same thing come up. For example, replying to a message here with the unofficial app, and although I can still type, the box I'm typing in would be roughly below the keyboard. And the odd time, the line I'm typing on is in between the bottom line of the box and the Submit button.
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    it's a know bug to be fixed an an upcoming release. Sometimes restarting your browser helps. Sometimes restarting your phone.

    double tap on something and the browser should center.

    some sites are worse than others, I've noticed.
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    I've notice that too. Can't wait for 2.0 or something. Ugh! :/
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    ok just checking to make sure it wasn't just me. Thanks.

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