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    So, WebOS doesnt have the most number of apps available on smartphone platforms.

    Boo hoo.

    But, there are plently of great webapps out there that I have discovered. Plus the Browser can let you turn webpages into Launcher icons, so some of the webapps (or mobile sites) almost feel like real apps, if they are coded well enough.

    The problem is that there really isn't a great place for the average Pre user to find them with.

    So, I thought maybe we could make the Ultimate List of WebApps, basically just post your favourite webapp sites that you use on your Pre into this thread.

    Then, if I can get off my lazy *** (actually I am really busy atm) I am thinking of making an app that looks like the app catalog, that will have a list of all these great mobile websites for the average user to find.

    Hopefully I can figure out how to make a button that will add a launcher icon for them to the launcher in the app, and then people can "install" these mobile sites on their phone.

    If I dont get around to making the app, at least a good list will be available here on PreCentral.

    So, I will start: here are my favourite mobile sites.

    TTC Mobile - - A mobile transit site for the Toronto Transit System

    Wired News -

    Chase Mobile Banking -

    ING Direct -

    PayPal -

    Whistler/Blackcomb Mobile -

    Amazon -

    Canadian Tire - - A Canadian handyman store.

    Orbitz -

    Travelocity -

    Priceline -

    MySpace -

    Google Mobile -

    Mippin - - This is a great Digg-like news aggregating site, but it reformats all the articles to fit on your Mobile Browser.

    Please add to this list any other mobile sites/webapps that you really like!
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    Bank of America. Exact same as the app, and faster in my experience.
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    cool, lets try and post sites that don't have apps for them yet on webos though. The point was to try and add functionality that pl migt not know exists through a mobile site, because the ap version doesn't exist for webos yet.
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    American Express:
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    for verizonwireless users:
    VZW Mobile Web (subscription required)


    Welcome to Walgreens - Your Home for Prescriptions, Photos and Health Information

    Online Pharmacy for Prescription Drugs - CVS Pharmacy Drug Store

    Barnes and Nobles:
    Barnes & Noble Mobile


    Victoria's Secret:
    Victoria's Secret

    Gift Ideas, Smart Solutions, Unique Gifts for Him & Her at Brookstone

    Papa Johns

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