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    For the past week I am getting a message come up on my phone telling me it is checking for new messages. When it comes up it has a little star icon with it. I have my email set get messages as they are sent so I don't think thats it.

    Any body else getting this? What is it?

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    Any way of posting a screen shot of this so we can see? (Alt+Sym+P)
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    I take it that you're referring to your email. Nope, never seen that msg before. Is your email working ok? If so, then you've nothing to worry about. If it bother you that much... then remove and re-add the email and see if that fixes the problem. ^_^
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    if you are seeing a star for a particular inbox in the initial email view, it means it is marked as a favorite. if you tap the star it removes it and takes it out of the favorites list (the top items in the view).
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    I would have to be quick to get the screen shot. It comes up and then leaves. I know of two changes I made about the same time. One was to add gmail and the other was to update spaz beta. Could it be spaz?
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    yep, that would be spaz. that would explain the star you are seeing.
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    Taking a screen shot is quite easy to do.. You can hold down orange/gray and sym together then press P.

    Remove spaz and see what happen.
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    it's already solved. it's spaz
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