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    I seem to be unlucky with my Pres - my first device died on me during my summer vacation - complete loss of memory (directly after Doctoring the first app I tried to install resulted in "This app needs 25 kB - please free some memory....").

    I replaced it with a Pre+, installed all the stuff I'd had on the Pre, then it was back to work, so I had hardly any time to even switch it on.

    (European GSM Pre+ 1.4.1, updated to 1.4.5)

    Now I found that quite a number of apps (about one in five) aren't working; most simply don't start (stuck at a white screen, or even at the "Glow"), a few give out error messages:

    Save/Restore - saves some settings; most apps show the message "Database disk image is malformed"

    zcorder - "Event subscription failed. ...zcorder is not running"

    Dr Podder HB - "Error creating DB"

    Weather Bug - "unable to store data"

    Terminal - no error message, but also no cursor.

    Does this point towards another defective device?

    Or is the likely culprit a bad update to 1.4.5?

    (If the latter: would it be better to Doctor to 1.4.1 and update again, or would Doctoring straight to 1.4.5 be the better option?)



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    Could You check , wether You are seeing the fstab problem.

    That is hindering many apps.

    Run from "Emergency Fstab Fixer" preware and retest.

    Regards Ralf
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    thanks for the tip - I'll certainly give it a try when I've got a bit of leisure time (hopefully on Sunday).


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    Everything is working again.
    Just for fun I empolyed the fstab repair utility, even though it says "use directly after upgrade".
    This lead to a complete crash - device couldn't even be made to start - but then the Doctor fixed the problem; so, no hardware defect this time (sigh of relief).


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    Most time doctoring would fix those type of problem. I'm happy it work for you.

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    make sure if your patching, you read the full discription on them before installing. Alot of them can cause conflicts with eachother. Also good idea to scan the forums before installing any new app to check for compatibility issues and QOS.

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