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  • Love it, more than I expected, I'll never go back!!!

    69 59.48%
  • Satisfied, what I expected

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  • Neutral, I can't tell the difference

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  • Hate it, overclocking killed my phone!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by toyotast165 View Post
    1g uber gets me through the day on 1 freaking battery! It's amazing. I used to use 3 with my centro.
    I just slide the keyboard open, do what I need it to, then close it. Done. Rather than sitting there waiting for crap to load, processes to happen, screen burning away the battery faster than the processor... Yeah, it's uber-doober.
    ....race to idle.... It's why I still wonder why all the love for scaling....
    -- VZW Pre+ -- Uberk/Gov fixed @ 1ghz -- QPST gps mod -- stock battery (?mugen 3800?) --
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    Overclock since... Loving it a lot. :-)
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    I certainly notice a fluidity that wasnt there before, and also no TMC error notices at all. I had to doctor the Pre for an unrelated reason, and was absolutely aghast that I had previously used it it with Uber, or patches for as long as I did. Thank you HomeBrew community for helping me to love the WebOS as musch as I do. Bring on the next generation!
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    It cuts out the lag and i havent had any overheating problems, i love it! At 1 ghz its about the same as the palm pre 2 that is coming out
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    I run a 250/800 screenstate. I've noticed smoother transitions for menus and cards and quicker app load times. I don't frequently do the race to idle so the 800 has been less battery intensive than the 1k clock. I can end a day of moderate use with about 40% battery charge where I used to end in the teens.
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    well it killed one phone but i got another and i will never go back !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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