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    just out of morbid curiosity, why would you have a limited data plan from your carrier AND have wifi deactivated?
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    because during the day I don't have access to WiFi and turning it off will
    save some battery.
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    been there..this sucks man. I lost all my data once because of some stupid update
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    ok 1 question? How much more does it cost you per month for more data with your plan? I mean it's usually an extra 10$ per month or so right? I'm not sure about att that's why I'm asking. If it's not that much more, why not just up your plan & be done with it?

    ok that was more than 1 question but you know what I mean
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    I know this doesn't help you, but it really points out the coming bleep storm with these carriers introducing tiered data plans. I never plan to leave Sprint, and I have to say it is really nice to never stop and think about the data I'm using. The Pre uses so much data on its own that Verizon shut down all roaming data where I work because of me (and I know it was me because it is a really small town where I work). I used roaming data on my Treo here for years, but one month of a Pre, and bam, everyone not on Verizon suddenly found data roaming cut off. Sprint doggedly investigated for nearly a month and this was the conclusion they came to.

    I hope that Spring holds out so people have a choice when the greedy big boys start metering everyone's data usage at the same time as they start releasing data hogging phones.
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    After a week of use I was not able to completely control data usage, but now at least it is very much minimized.

    I get about 250kB of data use per day by the phone compared to a couple of MB before. I was not able to find out what uses those 250kB. Also, backup does not always work with WiFi only.

    I have mode switch installed and it seems to help control data usage.

    I think I will be ok with the 200MB data plan.
    This saves me $120 per year, per phone, not having to upgrade the data plan.

    This is a summary of what I did:
    - Manually sync emails
    - Use Mode Switch to enable 3G only for the apps I choose.
    - Set data usage to off
    - Enable Wifi once I get home, even if I don't plan to use the phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by luau joe View Post
    +1 with others that restricting your data connection is the key.

    Pay particular attention to contact synergy. Have you linked your contact list and calendar to cloud, such as Google calendar/contact, for example? These, including a lot of third party apps will also use data periodically in the background. For example, Flight Tracking apps will update your airline flights in the background as often as 10 minute intervals. Even many games will get online automatically to fetch the list of high scorers. Bottom line is that smartphone apps **assume** there is data connection.

    If restricting data is the key, I also second the option of using mode switcher to regulate data toggle by (1) time of day (e.g. only between 9am-5pm), and (2) timed interval (e.g. 5 min every 2 hrs). Having data on the top menu to toggle manually will also help.
    How does one do that time of day and interval thing please?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pschang View Post
    I tried a non-smartphone, but browsing in that Samsung phone was a pain.
    It came with unlimited data plan, but it was so difficult to use that I gave up.
    Palm Pre Plus was offered for free after rebate and I only had 2 choices:
    200MB and 2GB data plan. I did some calculations and figured 200MB was
    enough for me but was not counting that I had to compete with the phone.

    The strategy seems to turn off data usage at night but I wonder if
    whatever the phone was doing, if it cannot connect at night, once
    I enable data usage during the day, if it will start using data during
    the day too. Will need to figure this out.

    Last resort is to go back to that Samsung Solstice with unlimited
    data usage.
    airplane mode on the VEER shuts off the wifi while on the pre3 it does NOT ...I wish (oh, do I WISH) some kind soul would make me an app just for this purpose or else maybe some canned modes to conserve data usage to a minimum and whatnot ...I use the battery saver utility to shut down the fone overnight (works great) ...didn't save me from the data over-use mess though ...65% gone in 2 days from the 200mb plan !!

    Today, on the fone with ATT Cust Svc, they said to me I could put the sim back in my Motorola Motosurf a3100 and get back my unlimited data plan. I started a data trouble ticket on this, and I sure do hate to go back (although I like the a3100, but now am spoiled by the pre3), I think I will go back and get back my plan ...drat!!
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    Just download Mode Switcher and play with it. Do a search and you will find plenty of instructions how to configure it.
    You can set time to turn on/off data usage or set which app to use data, etc.
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