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    Hi P/C users, having real issues with webosquickinstall although even though there are tons of fantastic resources, forums and tutorials I still cant find the answer to my issue. Having downloaded WOSQI and then WebOSDoctor (saving them into the same folder) I now cant go any further, I click on the .jar file for WOSQI and nothing happens.. I've checked my Java and thats fine ( 1.6.0_21-b07 ) I've even reinstalled twice as suggested in one of the troubleshooting guides. I've re-installed novacom a thousand times and even had Palm send me the latest Novacom driver settings wirelessly to re-install again. My Pre is plugged in, on Dev. mode, on just charge mode and charged etc etc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I should point out that I'm in the UK and when installing WebOSDoctor I couldnt select O2 (my carrier) so I've tried Sprint as suggested and Europe GSM with neither working. Oh and system is Vista 32.

    As I say I've been banging my head against this thing for three days now, there must be a method of doing this, desperate for open source and especially some patches... not willing to give up yet!!


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    This is a shot in the dark, but look under 'start, run, services.smc. A folder of services should pop up. After it pops up, search for "Palm Novacom". If it isn't there, you may want to start from fresh.
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    Sounds to me like jar files aren't associated with Java. Right click WebOS Quick Install, choose Open with, and select java. You may have to browse to the java bin folder and manually select it. javaw.exe is what you want to open jar files with.
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    Cheers Nacho.... that's helped get me further, now I'm getting the error message: Could not find the main class C: etc. etc.\pre\webosquickinstall.jar
    when opening WOSQI with javaw.exe

    Any suggestions from here?



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