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    Is there a way to tether the gps functionality of pre's gps to a computer. Im taking a network securtiy class and using inSSider to locate wireless access points. It can map gps coordinates and I was wondering if there was a way to use the gps off of my pre to get this app to use the gps functions. Ive tried connecting via bluetooth to see if it would tether that way but it doesnt.
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    sorry to bump but it's been a few days.
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    An external GPS receiver needs to implement the NMEA standard when communicating with a computer. To my knowledge, no Verizon phone exists that will export NMEA GPS data.
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    i don't think you can do it directly. There are gps devices that can be purchased to plug directly in to a PC.

    However, you could have your Pre send it's coordinates to your PC via email so you could access the info with a mouse click.

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