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    An update to internalz (FileMgr specifically) borked my phone. It caused a reset, not a total reset but it erased about 90% of my settings, my texts, history, and apps. Upon restart my apps from the App Catalog redownloaded (none of the pulled/free promo apps) and some patches were still available while others had been reset.

    I used an app to auto-remove all patches but some remain in full or partial form. Some patches are now permanent and some cannot be reinstalled because of errors.

    1.4.5 is possibly coming out today for my phone and I don't want to deal with more problems because of this issue. I'm done trying to fix the problems and so I have decided to just reset my phone and restore my text history, browser history, and app settings. I want to do this before I update.

    Before I was asking how to Doctor my phone but I'm not really sure if I need to go that far. Would a partial erase or full erase do the trick?

    Do I need to doctor my phone to force the removal of all patches?
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