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    A week ago Google launched Gmail - Priority Inbox. A service for Gmail that automatically decides what is important or less important mail. If you want to know more about it just have a look at the website explaining it.

    I started to use it and thought it wouldn't be compatible with my Palm Pre. But last week I saw a new label in my Gmail section of the Palm Pre email application. It's called "Belangrijk" that means "Important" in Dutch language. So I checked if it was synced with the Gmail Priority Inbox and it did!! I starred the label on my Palm Pre and now it's placed in the Favorites Section.
    I've added a screenshot of it.

    Has anybody else experienced this?
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    Cool, thanks for the tip mate! I just activated it on my gmail account and will try it out to see if it is for me.

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    You are welcome! now we only need support for prioritizing or deprioritizing email within the email application.
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    Hmm... I have it enabled to be shown in IMAP but I still don't see it on my Pixi Plus.
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    I see it. It's right under Inbox. Thanks OP!
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    It was already synced, ready, & waiting for me!! Thanks for the tip, it would've taken me forEVER to see that!
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    excuse me!
    Can you help me, Jempen?
    can you show how can I do it! (I'm a New fan of Palm)
    I have a Palm pre 3 phone
    thank you!

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