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    I want to convert videos with VLC. But i just can't find any working options.

    Can someone provide working options?
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    this manual is very old ... and i tried many options with mp4. but nothing really worked. most times i get "error playing file". only once i got a grey video.
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    Video – Palm Developer Center

    Try the above. It details exactly what type of video+audio combinations can be used by the Palm Pre. I've been using VLC to transcode and stream divx to my Pre and it's been working wonderfully so far - high quality to boot. Streaming is another option if you don't want to go through the song and dance of converting and copying to the pre every time you want to watch a video.
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    Try handbrake instead - in my experience it's much easier to use and the results are very good.
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    google for "ipodme" .. it is intended for iphone/ipod...but really2 easy to installation needed..
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    I've got VLC and just tried to convert using video 264 AAC saving output as MP4 but got file error what settings are you using on VLC
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    This is from the streaming wizard so I'm not sure how it translates to conversion:

    Encapsulation: MP4/MOV
    Video Codec: MPEG-4
    Video Bitrate: 512 or 768
    Frame Rate: 30fps (or less)
    Resolution: 640x480 (or less)
    Audio Codec: MPEG Audio
    Audio Bitrate: 48 kb/s
    Audio Channels: 2
    Sample Rate: 22050

    Hope that helps. I've tried using H.264 and H.263 Video Codecs as well as other audio codecs with mixed results.

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