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    I've synced all my iPhoto db on iMac with the Pre but instead of the correct album name the sets of photos are named with a date. Any other Mac users around?
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    I believe webOS uses just uses the filesystem info (folders and filenames) rather than any metadata or (proprietary) database info used by iPhoto for albums. The result you're seeing is the intended behavior. To accomplish what you're after, you'll need to find a way to export the album contents to a folder with the same name.
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    It's not webOS problem, it is that Salling Media Sync is poorly handles iPhoto. It could have created folders named "Album_NAME" and not "Event date" like it does. I've tried I think every possible solution to sync Smart Playlists/iPhoto and found none. Irritated, now creating my own little sync tool so I can finally update iTunes.
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    I haven't used a Mac with my Pre, but I'm told The Missing Sync handles this conversion from iPhoto albums to folders properly.

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