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    Please pardon me if this has been answered since it may be an older issue, but I wanted to make sure there was not a easier way to fix this before I started to edit my pictures.

    I use pictures for my contacts, and they display fine in chat, but when I get a voice call from them it will often try and fit the picture to the whole middle screen area.

    I would like to have the picture shrunk to fit below the "number" header and above the "hang-up" footer.

    I understand that I can edit this picture to fit in that area, but I assume that will also effect the picture in the chat application and make it appear smaller in that.

    Is editing it manually the only way to correct this or is there a better way?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    i think the display size in the phone app is fixed size, and not dependant on the size of the photo.

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