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    I was wondering how an App Icon is "Hidden"

    I goto "Device Information" Then "More Info"
    Then "Software"
    Select the App
    Select "Hide"

    It Greys out the App

    But When I Select the App again.. It does not change the "Hide" option to "UnHide"

    More Over it does not Hide the App as well.

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    I just tried hiding an app and it worked accordingly. When I clicked on the app after hiding it, it has an option to "show" the app. I guess when in doubt, restart device. Hope it works.

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    After selecting the App to Hide "Device Information"
    The App Greys out.. and when I select it again.. it does not Give me the "Show" Option as you are getting.. Still the "Hide" Option

    When I close the "Device Information" and open it again all the apps are shown.. none is in Grey
    I have tried the Restart option..
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    I would probably uninstall and reinstall the patch.

    Disregard my suggestion above. I encountered the same problem trying to use the application list like your screenshot trying to hide the first launch icon.

    My fix, I have the advanced app launcher patch installed and when I meta tap an icon I get the option to hide the icon I selected. I was able to successfully hide first use icon.
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    Thanks a Million Mamouton.

    I didnt realize about Meta Tap Icon...

    Worked Like a Charm..
    Now I have my Asian Girls Renamed to Asian News :P

    Tried to search for all Meta-Tap Operations.. nogo

    Wud u happen to Have all Meta-tap functionalities...

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