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    Whenever I do an OS upgrade, it seems that I end up with a few 'orphan' patches that don't work, and wont update (they show up as needing updates when I run Preware). If I try to delete the patches in order to re-install, I get an 'error removing' message.

    With the most recent OS update (a while ago but I've been on holidays) I can't update or remove: "Named Pages in the Launcher" and "No Auto Off while Charging". Is there a way that I can manually remove these patches so that I can re-install them? I've gone the WEBOS Dr. before but that's a bit time consuming considering all of the apps and patches that I have to reinstall.

    Thanks for any suggestions
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    EPR, WebOsRepairUtility
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    Yep! Those are your solutions!
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    The Named Pages patch is very sensitive to other launcher related patches, if you remove them first, you should be able to remove/update the Named pages patch. The easiest way to do it however would be to update your current patches in the Saved Packages List in Preware and then run EPR as instructed above. When you load Preware again, go to the Saved Package List and tap Install packages and that should fix you right up.
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