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    Background info: I'm using a Palm Pre Plus on AT&T with a lot of patches and homebrew installed. However, I've taken a lot of measures to increase battery life by stopping as many polling programs and services, fixing email retrieval times, only using WiFi, using the lowest backlight settings, and using a Screenstate CPU governor that clocks from 125mhz to 500-600mhz.

    What I don't understand is that lately I've been getting just terrible battery life over the past few days. For instance, I've been running Battery Moniter for the past hour and a half, leaving it sleeping for an hour (at 125mhz) and using it for web browsing and texting for a half hour (at 500mhz) and I have a 17% drain per hour! While typing this post (from my phone) the battery has dropped 4%, and the only apps I have open are Battery Moniter, Govnah, a paused Youtube video, and the Messaging app.

    I've also checked the capacity of my battery to see how worn down it is, but it comes back at 100% (not surprising since I got a replacement Pre about 2 weeks ago).

    I've never experienced battery this bad before, on my original Pre Plus (with practically the same patches and software) and with my current new one.

    Does anyone know why it would be this bad, or what apps or patches are infamous for killing batteries that I don't know of? Thanks so much for any help you can give!
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    you only use wifi? That might be the problem. Wifi uses alot of battery power
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    Wifi uses less than 3G and I've always noticed better battery with it. Sometimes I'll even turn wifi off and have no data going (sometimes while playing a game) and I still get the same battery life.
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    Do a battery test: Remove everything added off the device. You can use save/restore before doing this. Perform a webos doctor. Use this link: Use phone as you normally did before. Report back with result.
    This is the best way to find out if the batt drain is cause by added stuff, or you just have a bad battery.

    Good Luck.
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    Again looking at Battery Moniter, it started polling when the battery was at 90%. 1:55:08 later, the battery has dropped to 56%. Somethings definitely not right here.
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    (I posted my last post before seeing RL's)

    I guess that would be the final straw to do a wipe and reset. I've just done several doctors in the past and it's a pain to reinstall everything (a lot of my apps aren't through Preware or the App Catalog so they wouldn't install automatically). I'll have to either do that or get a new battery (the 2600s looks good, but they're so expensive..).
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    hows your signal? Your phone uses ALOT of power trying to find a signal. If it's weak, that might be your problem. I know this from experence. Have you tried turning your screen brightness down?
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    My screen brightness is at 5% thanks to a patch (regular is 10% as the lowest). I usually have about 3-4 bars out of 5 at my house so I wouldn't think that would be an issue..
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    I have noticed a big difference in my battery life since 1.4.5 came out and was installed. I get about half the battery life now. I have my Pre running at lowest brightness and SS 500/800 several apps installed but not much running in the background with retrieval times set to their max to help with battery life. Wifi on all the time as I am usually in a wifi area. I have it set to reboot daily to clean out and shut off any apps that may have been in inadvertently left running in the background. Anyone have any ideas as to why the sudden change in battery life? I saw a post on a facebook that said something about recalibrating the battery but it is my original battery from last November so that doesn't make much sense either.
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    por favor aluien que me ayude, soy novato es la primera vez que escribo: mi palm pre se quedo la carta telefono en verde , me llegan llamadas y aparece la aplicacion pero despues desaparece
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    Don't know if this affects you, but I found that being in an area with phone coverage but no 3G coverage drains my battery very quickly.

    I work in the bottom of an old building and get terrible coverage. I usually get only one bar on the signal strength display. If I leave Data Usage turned on (the 3G service) the phone keeps polling to try to find a connection, which drains the battery.

    I have to turn off the data connection (in the Phone app, Preferences, near the bottom of the page) to get more than a day and a half out of a charge. If I turn it off I can go a week or more between charges. I don't use data at work anyway, so it's not a hardship for me.

    This is on a Verizon phone. I don't know if the same applies to Sprint.
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    Do the old look at your batteries capacity, with my crappy sedio 1350 battery after 3 months of use its dropped to 80%, and has random drops in battery life when I use it, hence why I am getting the mugen 1400 battery

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