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    I was told by ATT that I can't use my palm pre when I go to Italy next week with and Italian SIM because " your device can't be unlocked before 90 days ".

    Is this true?

    I just want to put in a local SIM when I'm there for 2 weeks and use a local data plan to get my emails, do some occasional browsing and local calls.

    About 4 years ago I used my motorla without doing any unlocking.

    A year ago with my samsung I couldn't use any local sim card and had to borrow an Italian phone.

    I think ATT now just wants me to pay high $$ and use their roaming plans.

    Any suggestions? I'm leaving next week.
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    Might try calling and getting another CSR. If you have been under contract for a while with ATT you might get them to wave the 90 day rule.

    Alternately you could get a Quad band flip phone off ebay.

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