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    I have a Sprint Pre with a broken screen. It is activated, but needs the MSID and number to be re programmed before it can take calls. I wanted to get it programmed before I tried the conversion, but could not find any way to do this. The Sprint store even told me it was impossible without touch screen capabilities.

    So I decided to try the conversion without programming those numbers, figuring i could just program it once I swapped it over. Anyways, the phone was locked at the first run application, so I couldn't do anything. I followed the steps on the metadoctor wiki for cygwin, then followed the directions in this thread
    to try to bypass the first-run app, using cygwin instead of ubuntu in virtualbox. The only part of the instructions that I did not follow (other than the ubuntu stuff) was this step:
    modprobe vboxvfs
    mkdir ~/Desktop/guestOS/
    mount -t vboxsf hostOS ~/Desktop/guestOS/

    Instead, I just ran the .jar file straight from it's folder inside of the cygwin file tree. While the meta'd doctor was running, all of a sudden my computer froze and showed a white screen. I had to reboot, and the phone now says or something like that.

    Can anybody tell me how to get the tokens extracted so I can do this swap? I just want it to work!


    Ps sorry about the links, I don't have 5 posts so it won't let me post real ones.
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    ATTN: mod

    Could you rename the title of this thread to "Help with extracting tokens - broken touchscreen"

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    If you've only got the screen, then I believe something in the phone OS files has been corrupted, it means that WebOS cannot boot and function properly. You will need to Doctor the phone to get it working, again.
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    cool thanks, but then what? I still don't know how to extract the tokens without using the touchscreen to initialize the usb drive mode
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    Can anyone help me out with this? I know that people like to buy sprint pres with broken touch screens and swap the com board into pre plusses. Can anybody give me any insight on how to do this?
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    i know to get into USB mode you need to Press Orange Button + Sym + U. As for swapping boards etc im lost.

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