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    Yes, I did do a search on this topic, but could not find a satisfactory reply

    When I listen to music on my Pre + through headphones (and no, they're good headphones, they are not the problem) I can't get the music volume raised enough for my tastes. I'm new to homebrew apps and patches and such so I was wondering if one of you kind people could point me in the direction of a patch, app, SOMETHING to increase the earphone output volume. It's driving me nuts!

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm not sure if there is a specific patch, or app for that. However, there is a app in preware that is suppose to increase the speaker phone, and media volume of the phone. (Speaker Phone)
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    Yeah, I tried Speaker didn't help. But thanks!
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    I would love to get more volume as well. So far the only solution I have found are expensive earbuds that sit very deep in my ear and cut off all outside noise. They also sound allot better and have much beter base. More volume would be real nice.

    I came across a set of headphones once that used their own set of batteries to boost volume levels, but unfortunately their sound quality and frequency response was rather crappy.

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