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    I woke up this morning and my phone was resetting itself WITHOUT my doing!!! ***!!! I could not stop it.

    What is going on? My OS is 1.4.5. I have a scheduled reboot every AM around 5AM using the PREWARE app to reboot (I forgot the name of it). I have been using that app for a long time now - and successfully too.

    Now I noticed that not all my apps are reinstalled?
    My Preware icon is missing.
    Some of my other Preware apps are missing also.

    I logged into my all my yahoo and gmail accounts and that stuff synced fine.

    But what do I do about my missing apps and Preware stuff? Isnt the "cloud" suppose to have all my info?
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    Your Palm Profile stores your app information and should restore it, after you log back in.

    Preware keeps an update of your saved packages list, you can resintall them all at once. You will have to reinstall it, first, though, then continue from there.
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    Happened to me and someone else today:
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    Happened to me yesterday afternoon around 1PM EST.

    This seems to be the main Palm Profile sign out thread

    The Palm Profile doesn't keep track of "Homebrew" type applications like Preware as they are not affiliated with Palm. Palm only keeps track of applications in the main catalog.(it will also not download applications you may have gotten from the beta feed of the catalog, just a heads up)
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    Happened to me as well yesterday afternoon.
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    how do i completely i mean completely erase my phone to complete factory setting like i just bought out the store, i dont know what i did but i cant open preware (removed)
    tryd reinstalling didnt work, dr'd it then diconnected it self so now it doesnt even read on my computer just goes straight to charge. i cant access my usb cant even re dr. please help i think files may have been corrupted// do i have to buy a new phone
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    There are ways of bringing back your phone to factory default settings. (1) Webos Doctor : Webos Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals. (2) Full erased > found in device menu.

    However, webos doctor would be my first pick. (Just Saying)

    I would also recommend you reading this:
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    i mean everything, patches all that, how do i turn on dev. mod again
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    when i do upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbaselectstart theres nothing
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    i got dev mod on lets see if i i can dr it again
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    ive gotten done dr'ing it somethings have been fixed but i cant install preware my phone straight sucks with out my mods the processors back to default please help im not a computer wizz
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    the messgage error reading as following: ERROR: An error occured while attempting to
    Clearing state_want and stae_flag for pkg=org.webosinternals.preware (arch_priority=0 flag=16 want=2)
    An error ocurred, return value:4.
    Collected errors:
    Cannot find package org.webosinternal.preware.
    Check the spelling or perhaps run 'ipkg update'

    can you help please
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    In my initial question for this topic, I mentioned that a profile reset was forced upon my I noticed that after the profile reset - when I go into PREWARE; none of my installed patches show up!

    I need to uninstall some of the patches, but how do I do that if PREWARE doesnt show the patches as installed ???? please advise.
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    If this helped you hit thanks.

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