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    Anyone know location of this image file? I searched internalz and can't find. I'm not trying to change any functions. I just want to remove the text "Drag up to unlock"
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    lots of people have asked the same thing and im not sure what the answer is im pretty sure u cant.
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    Ok. Well I did find these:

    Figured there was another one somewhere with the text...
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    You'd have to do more than remove the images. Those bitmaps are more akin to representations of the data that the phone is processing. Its in the code, and its probably hard to remove.

    On the other hand, an app or patch could be a solution. Such as how one would ping a Verizon Pre's gps to keep it "awake", one could "ping" the phone to make it think its active of fake being on a charger. That would prolly alleviate the lock.... interesting........

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