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    Is there a way to change which programs send notifications (and particularly, those that blink the little light)? I'd like the light to blink only for missed calls and voicemail -- I don't care about to-dos or e-mail. The MyNotifications app only changes the style of notification, not the programs (I think). Thanks.

    Verizon Palm Pre+, Palm OS
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    Usually the programs that are notifying you have an option to turn them off as well. What program are you referring to? It would be helpful to know that.
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    The three I'm most interested in turning off are the built-in TASKS, CALENDAR and E-MAIL programs. Thanks.
    Verizon Palm Pre+, Palm WebOS 1.4.5
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    for email go to account and preferences click on the account and turn off show icon the quickest way to turn them all off is to go to screen and lock and turn off blink notifications.
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    Thanks. That worked for e-mail. If I turn off blink notifications, won't that prevent missed calls and VM also -- I DO want to receive them.
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    I don't see option to turn off notifications in tasks and calendar so you would have to experiment to see.

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