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    Sprint Pre on 1.4.5.

    Having strange issue while deleting text conversations. It seems like there are some conversations the Pre doesn't let me delete. They come back after a reset. It also causes some very strange behavior.

    After a restart I can go from the 'buddies' and 'conversations' window seamlessly. I can switch between them with no lag. If I go to the convo window and delete a conversation it seems to delete fine. I go back to the buddies window and no problem. Now if I go back to the conversation window there is a lag. about 4 seconds. If when it finally opens I delete a another conversation and go to 'buddies' and back to convo the lag is now even greater. So more convos I delete the greater the lag.

    This lag also seems to affect when I open a conversation. It will take forever to show me the threaded messages. It will change screens but it takes forever to get the messages.

    The lag also seems to affect universal search. It lags when bringing results. I assume it's caused when it tries to search my address book for matches and that must be somehow related to the text convos that caused the issue.

    Basically anything that needs to pull data from the address book becomes sluggish to the point of being unusable.

    This behavior remains until I reboot. The conversations that I deleted return.

    I have run emergency patch recover and then webOS repair utility with compatibility override and it had no effect.

    Someone help me.
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    I had that a few months ago. I ended up doctoring and it never did it again.
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    Use this link to the new webos doctor. (Below)
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    Lol no thanks. I don't doctor lightly. Issue is not bad enough for me to doctor.
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    Actually, this is not for that problem, that issue can be sloved by a battery pull. The link is... if you have updated to 1.4.5 via OTA, then doing a doctor will make sure that any problems/issues/hiccups, are eradicated. That's all.
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    Oh. Well um no it can't be solved by battery pull. I've done that. o_O
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    there is no issue . if you have long convos it takes longer to delete .just think like when you delete something large on somecomputers it takes a few seconds . well if you swipe delete them and wait a few min then check and see if they are there. if you go check immediatly after you swipe them off, well..... you stop the deletio and it still shows up. get it?
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Shadavis08 makes sense thanx

    And yeah the ones that are not going away are my huge convos. I'll just delete them all and leave the phone alone for a while. Let it do it's thing.
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    kool just remember if its interupted from either end (you or incoming text) it will stop the delete.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    It takes about an hour to delete 1500 messages in a single conversation. It is possible to keep opening the conversation to monitor progress if you have the counter patch installed.

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