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    I was using my Palm Pre Plus and everything was working fine, then I tried to open a new card for the browser.

    I only had 4 other apps open and the browser was stuck at the loading screen with the globe. I closed it and tried to open a new card about 4 times and decided to just wait and see if anything loaded.

    My Screen locked after a few minutes and when I turned it back on it asked for my pin. When I tired to enter my pin it kept saying "Pin Incorrect try again" until after a few tries when it said "Phone Locked try again later"

    I was entering in the same, correct pin over and over and the phone kept insisting that the pin was wrong. Eventually I got fed up and had to remove the battery to restart the phone. After the phone booted up again I entered my pin and was able to use the phone again.

    Does anyone know what caused this or if this problem happens often? I have only had a Pre for about two months.
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    You should reboot your phone once a day to prevent problem like this from happening. Check out Preset/Reset, it make this most convenient.
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