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    Hey guys,

    My headphone jack got stuck on headphone jack mode and caused some problems. I tried to clean it, insert and take out a headphone jack many times but nothing worked.

    I had to go to Sprint today to get it fixed. They fixed it. But heres the problem. Now my phone is almost impossible to slide open. It takes a lot of strength, where as when i gave it to them it was like a slight push would pop it open.

    Does anyone know what I have to do to it to loosen it back up?


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    Read this it will save you from taking it to the store again for them to fix it, you should be able to change it out of headset mode once reading.

    As for your slider being stuck, not sure what that would be? They should not have messed with your slider...
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    Well, having it really loose isn't a good thing. I wouldn't worry about it, it will loosen again with use, eventually.
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    Twist it side to side like and Oreo?
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    Tight is good, the best way to loosen it up would be to slide it open and closed a few times
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    You can always try the 'pray' tactic (no, I don't mean pray for it)

    Hold the device between your hands with the screen and back facing into your palms (like you are praying) and slide your hands back and forth - opening and closing the device while applying a bit of pressure (but not too much). Do this back and forth a few times and see if it helps loosen up the rails.
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    If you bring your car to the garage to fix something and they break something else, what do you do? Do you go online and ask for advice on a forum or do you take it back to the garage?

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