Mods, feel free to move this to wherever you feel it belongs or is more appropriate, but these questions are driving me crazy, so here goes....

If you are having problems, after the WebOS update, for whatever reason, stuck patches, patches you should have removed, but didn't or you didn't remove a theme, try these things:

1) Try to reinstall and uninstall the theme. This may not work, but has been successful for some.

2) Try using the Emergency Patch Repair from Preware. Update your saved packages list, first, then run this and let it remove EVERYTHING! If you have a lot of patches installed, it may take awhile, so just let it do its work. When it's done, reboot and then go into Preware and reinstall everything. (Remove a theme, before doing this!)

3) Try the WebOS repair utility. There are plenty of posts about it, it's a program you download to your computer, hook up your Pre and run it. It will compare the files in your phone to the original stock ones and alert you to any problems or corrupt files. You then have the option to let it replace them to get rid of the errors.

4) Run the Doctor, go back to stock and start over! Before you do, update your Preware saved packages list, also make sure you have the Save&Restore Utility and the Pre Backup Utility, both from Preware. They make it much easier to almost completely recover everything in your phone, without hassles!

If you are are going to customize your phone, you should ALWAYS read and follow all instructions and warnings, they are only given to try to help save you from this type of trouble.

So, please remember:

1) ALWAYS, ALWAYS remove any type of theme, before updating!!

2) The boards are ALWAYS updated! They keep running posts of what patches are not OTA update compatible and should be removed, before running an update! People put a lot of time into figuring out these problems and only post them to help you.

A good rule of thumb is too look over all of your installed patches, before you install an OS update and if it touches more than one file, REMOVE IT, just to be safe, even if you haven't seen it listed.

Everyone makes mistakes, there was at least one patch for the launcher that no one knew would be a problem, so no one knew to remove it. I also had weird issues with my phone and had to fix it, after the update and I had no patches that were in the list and removed my theme, but it still went bonkers.

These are enough of a pain, without not paying attention and causing yourself even more!