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    yea......ive used 800mhz and going from that to 1ghz won't be much of a difference.
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    I FINALLY got a Sprint Pre!!! As soon as I activated it I immediately tried to update to 1.4.5. It will stop about half way thru the download and go back to the "it's available" screen. Anyone know why?
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    I've looked around for this and seen all the overclocking information, but haven't
    found an answer to this. Has the speed of WebOS been improving each release? It seems to me that the phone response has been steadily "crisper" with the past few releases.

    Anyone have an idea?

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    Judging by the changelog.... is there much to be excited about?
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    PDK Apps is the only reason we want the update!
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    besides the obvious answer (angry birds)

    is there any apps we can now run on 1.4.5 that couldn't run on 1.4.2?
    any recommendations?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gonk24 View Post
    It's 200mhz different. Going from 800mhz to 1ghz is a small increase. Going from 500mhz to 1ghz though is a ton.

    thats what i wanted to know thanks
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    PS: This piece of info really courage me. Thanks ^o^
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    Is there any way to keep from getting OTA Updates. Would like to keep phone at until tethering is fixed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rinku.kokiri View Post
    finally dropped while i was asleep tonite.
    and now the doctor is repairing the decrepit thing
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    My current webos is 1.4.1, does that mean it is going to automatically update to 1.4.5?
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    run novacom, follow commands

    cd /usr/bin
    mount -o remount,rw /
    chmod -x UpdateDaemon
    mount -o remount,ro /

    see WebOS Internal.
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    hey i just wanted to know how to change the apn in a palm pixi plus , because I DONT FIND OUT HOW TO DO THIS! thanks.
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