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    During the past few days I have been trying to empty the trash in my default mailbox. I followed all of the suggestions but one, without success. Finally, I took the leap and tried to remove the offending account, which I had named Spamcop. After an hour or so the mailbox seemed to be gone, but the minute I tried to create a new account with a new name, Scanned Mail, and entered the email address, the Pre plus email app populated all of the fields with the old data. That would have been fine, but when I tried to open it there were no mailboxes. I created an email and tried to send it to myself, but I got an error message and an "outbox" appeared with the message. Further attempts to send emails wound up there too. However, my old "inbox" and "sent mail" mailboxes never appeared.

    My other account is an Imap account and it is working fine. I tried to change Scanned Mail to Imap from POP but the field is gray and it wouldn't take.

    I have taken most of the steps and restarted time and time again. I tried renaming the account to Spamcop, but that didn't help either. This is my primary account and I would like to restore or recreate it.

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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