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    Hey there. I was wondering id WebOS QI has been made to run easily on Windows 7 yet? I am getting a new computer and I don't want to install virtual machine again just for this, but will if I still have to.

    I remember trying before but the instructions for Win7 were confusing and nothing seemed to work. It would be great to know it's been made compatible.

    I appreciate any insight.

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    I'm using Win7(x64) and have no issues. There are some who have needed help with some sort of glitch, but it works fine.
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    I run Win7(x64) as well, with no issues. Give it a shot and let us know if you get stuck.
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    Win7(x32) with no problems.
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    WebOS QI runs on Java, which is basically platform independent. Only issue that might come up is with the novacom drivers which is Palm's software. I have had no problems on Win7 either.

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