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    I just doctored my palm pre to 1.4.5 and now I cant connect WOQI. I installed the Novacom drivers before, but now it's not recognized as novacom device.

    I use a dutch version of Windows 7-64

    Its recognized as "Draagbare apparaten"(portable devices)-"G:\" and "schijfstations"(storage devices)-"Palm Pre USB device" in Apparaatbeheer(Device Manager)

    This stays the same when I put the Pre in USB mode. When not in USB mode, "my computer" sees "removable drive g:\" but its not accesible. When in USB mode, its accesible.

    How can I get Novacom to work so I can use Quick Install again?
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    you might not have the Pre in dev mode. Double check that. Type in "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart" without quotes in universal search to bring up devmode enabler.

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