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    I think as well that synergy and IM are the main culprits. I wish I could allow synergy only when charged or when on wifi or something. I dont want to delete my FB link to my phone just have it resync everything less often.

    It does it very often If a friend of mine changes a profile pic it will update in my phone under 2 hours sometimes within the hour and I have a lot of friends....thats way to much checking I would be happy if It just updated like once a week.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GodShapedHole View Post
    I wish the Data in Device Menu patch worked for me... I think it doesn't work on non-English language devices.
    You can still turn off data in the phone preferences since the patch wont work. A few extra steps but worth it when you need it.
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    There is also an app called Quick System Tasks, which you can put in dashboard mode, allowing you to toggle all the systems on the phone. It also comes in really handy if you use screenstate and use a TS with an OC kernel. You can set it to turn off the screen when you put your phone on the TS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drahgon View Post
    @divehard no problem.

    @NickDG I agree for me this isn't really an everyday option. But in that particular case I just needed my phone first and foremost to be what it is at its core...a phone for as long as possible. This is great option when you really need your phone all day(just your phone) or triple the time before your phone dies (ex a trip or if someone really needs to contact you but your phone is low on battery)

    Also I think a patch to turn off data automatically at very low battery levels would be nice, because when your phone is almost dead wouldnt you rather it last as long as possible until your get to a charger or have all your features working, but the phone dies and until you find a charger you end up with no data, no phone, no nothing, which sometimes can be a while depending on where you are/what your doing
    Mode Switcher (an app) should do just that in the 1.0 release, which is due out this week. It can take a battery level event as a trigger to change system settings. I'm not absolutely sure that battery level triggers will be in this release, but they're definitely on tap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drahgon View Post
    Yea I have that. Im saying we need a patch that automatically disables data based on your battery level and re enable its again based on your battery level.

    Data in Device Menu requires you to manually open the device menu then turn off data. Its not automatic.
    I think you should create a new thread dedicated to this patch request. It'd defiantly be a great patch. Though It might have to be an app.
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    @grappler I've heard of mode switcher. I'll download it and check it out so ill be familiar with it before the 1.0 release. Thanks for the suggestion

    @alex.dobeck hmmm i'll do that I just have to find the right forum. If I could do it I would. I could probably make a very ugly app if there are API's for battery and Data Connections. A patch though I think is a little out of my league.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drahgon View Post
    ...@alex.dobeck hmmm i'll do that I just have to find the right forum...

    If you wish to post a patch request, the correct forum would be this one:

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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post

    If you wish to post a patch request, the correct forum would be this one:

    Great just did it. Thanks
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