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    ihave preware and all of tht but my question is iwana learn how to use the internals and how to understand all the codes... And use animated backgrounds and it also possible to put an image as a background for messaging?
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    ls, less, and vi.
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    not to sound rude or anything but based on your wording (grammar and spelling).... Sounds like you need to do a lot more research before you start messing around with things such as Internalz.... Even I do NOT go messing around with that unless I can find some sort of documentation that gives me precise directions on what I'm trying to accomplish. Themes aren't all that difficult, just look under themes in your preware, find one you like and then hit instal followed by a luna restart. If you want to change a theme, uninstall the old one first BEFORE putting a NEW one on. For more information, I would suggest looking for the threads under webOS themes.... They are there just look for them... People around here are willing to help, but you have to do a little homework yourself and TRY to find the information that is ALREADY posted a bazillion times over. Also check out a thread entitled Palm PRE Tips, Information and Resources as well as Getting Started Homebrew Apps Patches and Themes..... Lots of your ??? Will be answered there

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