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    On my Treo I could look up a contact and select send using text and it would ask which number. It would then place the person's name and the number I selected into a text to be addressed. My Pre Plus only lets me text or email the entire vcard, which I don't want to do. The recipient seldom wants any more than the mobile number and certainly does not want all the information in my notes.

    I have seen "Is there an easy way to send contact information via text" and their solution is one that I have used, but involves editing the contact and then cutting and pasting the number that I want to send. This is a kludge.

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    edit menu, copy all +paste works... If you 'edit' the contact, you can copy just the field you want.
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    there is also a beta app called send contact as sms
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    Send Contact as SMS works just like I want, other than it would be nice to do that from within the contact list instead of a specialized app. However, it is progress. Thanks a bunch.

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