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    I'm new to the Pre Plus. I like to mess with it and I would like to assure that I can restore it to it's last working setup (not the "out of the box" restoration).
    Two questions:
    1. If I connect it to a PC by USB cable, and copy all of it's files & directory structure to my hard drive, can I simply copy it back to the Pre when disaster strikes, and expect it to work as it did when I had made that copy?
    2. If I use the backup application that is currently on the Pre, will it back everything up, or just some of the data and applications?
    Thank you,
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    1 Yes.
    2 Only backs up contacts and apps you downloaded.

    Things not backed up are text messages and game saves.
    I use google for contacts cause I don't trust palm profile all the way.

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    IcerC - this is along the same lines as the question above...will backing up the folder structure..doing a clean restore...then copying the folders back to the pre make it run faster? It would seem that doing this would put the same existing problem of lag time right back again. My Pre is starting to lag alittle when scrolling around the launcher. Is there a way to make it work like new without having to mess with the kernel?

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