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    Searching on precentral is alot like searching on Google or Bing. It finds things related to what your searching for and lists them in front of you. SEARCH IS YOUR FRIEND.

    Example: Someone wants to know how they can tether their phone. Instead of using the search function on Precentral they start a new thread which then further clutters the forums. If they would have used the search function instead they would have easily found their answer.


    If ever you need to doctor your phone, the lastest WebOS doctor for your service provider and phone can be found at:

    Please don't be afraid of the Doctor. It's very easy to use. Just follow the On-Screen directions and you should not have any problems.


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    This should be made a sticky and mandatory reading when signing up for Precentral.
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    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    I will fix the doctor link when I get a chance. I'm out for the night
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    David, the one you had was working, this one is broken. The new webos link: Follow detailed instructions:
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    Thanks for the tips !! this was so helpful !!!
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    +1, it should be mandatory reading.

    But, then again, I also made a post the other day that before being allowed to purchase smartphones, an IQ test should also be required!!!

    I've been nice and helpful, but I find it annoying when someone sees a post about doing something to their phone and just assumes they can do that. They jump on the bandwagon, without reading all instructions and warnings. Then they suddenly show up posting that they screwed up their phones and need help to fix it.
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    Why was my post deleted? I didn't say anything wrong.

    Update: Nevermind. I just received a warning about it. Sorry, guys.
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