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    is there any way stop all sms, phone calls, texts, email, et al... for a period of time. Like 10pm to 6am... so you can sleep? I have watched the clock apps, and looked through the programs themselves and found nothing. even a way to turn off email at night would be great... any suggestions?

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    download an app called mode switcher and set up a profile where airplane mode is active and then select a time for it to startup/stop that profile. So like you said start = 10pm, stop = 6am and after you do that you're golden. I know there's other ways but this one seems pretty easy.
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    or simply just manually initiate airplane mode... Takes 2 taps. 2 taps turns it back off again...
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    I've been using Airplane mode the last few days. Only problem is, that turns the phone off as well.

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