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    I can't find an answer to this ANYWHERE... I recently imported a bunch of videos of my kid from my pre to my computer and (stupidly) pressed "erase after importing". I would like to edit them in Windows Movie Maker but have come to find that they are only playing as audio files in anything except Quicktime. They are "MPEG"s..? I am no computer wiz and I have no idea what this means, in terms of what kind of file it is and all that.. All I know is that I've tried downloading various file converting programs but haven't been successful in finding one that will convert these into files I can edit in WMM. Am I a moron? I haven't seen anyone else with this problem. Thanks in advance!

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    There is an excellent, free program you can download from DVD Video Soft that will convert them in just a few seconds, to a format you can use with Windows Movie Maker, I use it all the time. Download free DVD, iPod, YouTube video converter and editor software and freeware

    Just use their free 3gp video converter and it will make them an AVI file that works with WMM!
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