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    So to those who have slider issues (so i guess everyone) I just wanted to put up a couple fixes that ive found, not onsite but they are probably mentioned so here it is summed up. I want to start by thanking those who discovered these sorry I dont know all your names but good work, this is like a summary. just call me newton. also please remember with the hotglue it CAN VOID YOUR WARRANTY!! so make sure you are careful

    1. superglue rails: removing the battery will reveal the rails that are causing all that shakeyness, apply a thin layer of hot glue underneath the above slider on top (do this when the phone is slid up to reveal the keyboard) make SURE you let it dry for a good 10 minutes other wise it will easily slide off. also make sure you dont glue your rails shut so you cant slide your phone.

    2. applying pressure: while your phone is in its natural position apply pressure to all four corners and slide up and down about 4-5 times it does reduce quite a bit of shakeyness but still a little wiggle.

    3. glue dots: Two hot glue dots (i used a tooth pick to apply) on the out side front rails where the key board is one to the bottom left of the orange key and on to the bottom right of the enter key each opposite each other.

    I have used all these methods and they all work how ever these CAN VOID YOUR WARRANTY. I wanted to go ahead and apologize to those who i cant give credit to for discovering these Im only trying to sum it up for everyone and make it easier to understand, sorry for no pics
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    Great post!

    However, people should also be warned to be very careful with that superglue! I can just imagine someone thinking they know what they are doing, then posting back complaining that they glued their phone shut, so can no longer slide it open!!

    You KNOW it will happen!!
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