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    DVD Video Soft has an excellent free studio that is capable of converting almost anything to almost anything else, has portions for both music, video, pics and etc.

    I used it several times, today, to convert a few albums of songs from WMA format to MP3 and it was done with each in less than a minute.
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    Since we are on the same subject. A good way to organize your music albums so they are separated by Artist/Album etc.

    Tag&Rename can organize all your music pretty easily. I really like how I can also add the album cover to the file so it shows it while it plays.
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    Media Monkey is also a good option for doing that. I had several that had none of the information or album art with them and used it to fix them all.
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    handbrake ftw
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    I've never checked out Handbrake, I'll have to go take a look!

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