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    Bought two Sprint Pre's from Radio Shack for my wife and I in November 2009. We both love the phone and wish it got a fraction of the publicity that thing from Apple gets. My wife dropped hers The screen is now useable, but clearly cracked and failing. What are the replacement options? Is it possible to get a used Pre? What is the process for loading her info, phone number, etc. onto the new phone and is that OK with Sprint? The Sprint web site is asking over $400.00 for a new phone, ouch Thanks for any help
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    Ah... yeah that sucks. You can try the ebay route but it can be a bit nefarious.

    I make sure to keep the Asurion insurance active on my smartphones for this very reason... I much prefer replacing my pre for pretty much any reason at $100 versus $400... since you damaged it yourself and it probably looks to be so I doubt you can take it to sprint and get it replaced/repaired for free.
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    Not too sure if Sprint is similar to Verizon with the options but my verizon Pre has a backup option for my contacts and messages but it doesn't seem to backup media files but they claim it can, I'm going on my third phone now and all it ever backed up was my contacts.

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