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    A buddy of mine was intrigued by the ringtone I use for my Pre. Rather than a typical ringtone, I use an electric wave sound which essentially acts in conjunction with the vibrate feature to give me something between a vibrate and a full ringtone. I hate ringtones and I prefer to only use vibrate but I found that the vibrate on the Pre (and other phones) is not always enough to alert me of a call or notification. I needed something a little more noticeable and which could be controlled by a volume setting.

    I cannot attach a wav file to a post but you can download it here: Free WAV Sound Files

    The one I use is the "electric 01 wav" (53Kb). It is a very short sound and it complements the vibrate feature perfectly. I have set this as my default ringtone for all calls and notifications. Works for me and my buddy thought I should share the idea.

    Not sure how many of you would be interested but this is certainly a different way to use the ringtone feature of the phone.
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    LOL! It is a good idea, but if I used that one, I am going to think I'm about to be electrocuted, whenever my phone alerts go off!!
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    Here's a direct link to the wav itself, in case it's of value:

    Interesting. May try this. Thanks. {Jonathan}
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    I like the electric sounds quite a bit... but I think sonar pings (think uboats and such) work so much better with the vibrate... they are unobtrusive and short sounds... you can loop them so that the number of pings you hear correspond to the type of incoming transmission (ie email, sms, or even a call) and they are still recognizable against most ambient sounds even at a very low volume.

    I have a theme Ive been working on that I will be uploading in a few days that makes use of the sonar pings for sounds. Havent decided what to call it yet... maybe "Blue Sonic" or something of that nature. Its based on graphical representations of sonic waves.
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    Oh... the reason I replied... I forgot to say.

    Thanks for pointing these out... I might make use of them for another project I very much like the idea of having unobtrusive phones... versus blaring songs or jangling rings and such.

    My phone makes noise to alert me, not tell people how cool I am or what music I like... and I certainly dont want the whole office to know when I get a text or call.

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