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    Anyone knows why displaying the photo's in photo app, takes few seconds to sharpen or get clear. My old centro displayed pictures instantly while the pre plus, takes a couple of seconds to sharpen the image. Why does it take so long in pre plus when centro could do it right away?
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    I think one of the reasons, and there could be others, is because the pictures the Pre takes is at a MUCH higher resolution than the Centro did, and it takes a few seconds to properly render the display.
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    Some people also think that the Pre's multitasking capability means that it doesn't have the resources to cache the next image; I have no idea. A long discussion of this was had here:

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    I think dianehelen is right about the Centro issue.

    I always thought that the reason the Pre takes a moment to "defuzz" compared to the iPhone which instantly loads was because iTunes automatically down-sizes pictures to be physically smaller - so they load faster. But webOS displays the actual full-size image, so they take longer to load.

    But who really knows
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    I played w my friends iphone 4 and iphone 3GS, they load instantly. I know the camera on iphone 4 is 5 MP, hence bigger images.
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    I moved the same picture from centro to palm pre plus and it would take few seconds to sharpen, when the original image on centro did not. I guess if pre could load the next image, while loading the current image it would help a lot. Just like calendar days are loaded ahead of time.
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