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    I am new to the palm community and loving it, but I have a question about overclocking my phone. I have read in Preware that it will void any warranty that palm gives. If I had a problem with my phone how would Verizon know that the phone was overclocked? Could the phone not be doctored before it was returned?

    Thanks for the help.
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    They say that so as to remove any chance that a user would hold the homebrew community accountable if something were to happen. Truth is, the carrier dosn't know or care what you do with your phone. If you send it back, they wipe it clean before they do anything (I've seen them do it). And if you send it back, you should wipe it clean anyway. By doing that, it would be impossible for them to tell that you ever overclocked or used any patch on the phone.

    Those are just disclaimers, and you should be very confident in taking advantage of overclocking and great patches you will find in Preware. As someone associated with development for many years, I can tell you that the homebrewers here are better than most professional developers. They produce more stuff, better stuff, more stable, and more secure than most development shops, and most of these guys are doing it on a voluntary basis...

    Go for it, and enjoy the rush of speed.

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