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    I have a problem where my pre will freeze up when I am transferring music files over to it. It can happen at almost anytime but usually in the first few minutes of transfer. It will just hang and then I have to unplug the usb cable and I will get an error about unplugging the cable (after auto reboot). I have waited for 5 minutes or better afterwords and still hung up. I have searched for others having this problem but can't seem to find anything similar on the web. I'm starting to think its a hardware problem. I have also used different usb cables with no better outcome. Any ideas? Thanks for your time.
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    I had the same issue with mine and tried doing a chkdsk (Windows disk error checking utility) but nothing showed up as being amiss. Finally I had to run webOS doctor for other reasons and let it reformat the media partition (I forget how the options were worded, or if maybe I did it by running an older version of the doctor that always did this and then upgrading) but however I managed it the problem has been gone ever since.
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    You can buy WiFi Media Sync in the app catalog.
    It makes transferring files back and forth so easy.
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