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    I seem to have lost audible notification of an incoming text message! I still get vibration and the LED flash. I ring for incoming phone calls.

    In "Sound & Ringtones", I've checked that "Ringer Switch On" is set properly, with "Rings & Alerts" to "Sound & Vibrate", "System Sounds" to "on" and all volumes set loudly.

    Any ideas? I've installed a few hacks here and there but nothing involving sound...

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    Have you checked your switch on the top to make sure it is not in silent mode?
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    Yes. Definitely not in silent mode. If silent mode were on, I wouldn't get a ring for incoming phone calls either, right?
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    I missed that part. have you tried a different sound for your messages? When did you notice you no longer had sound? Have you restarted your Pre? Some people say a battery pull fixes things that seem unfixable. Try that.

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