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    Ok, so here is my problem: (Pre Plus, Verizon)

    75% of the time, maybe more, but NOT 100% of the time, if I use a wifi network and then leave it i have no data connection, regardless of network presence. Browser gives me an immediate "site cannot be found error" and no other data works either (phone works fine). If I do a java restart, it works again. turning the WiFi on or off AFTER this occurs makes no difference. If I go back to some place with wifi, data works fine again over wifi (even without a Java restart). I've tried restarting the phone and a full off to cold restart, but it still does it.

    I would blame an app or patch, except that the problem arose randomly much later after the last time I updated anything (it was adding the universal search command line and updating a couple small apps, I think Pre Backup Utility was one of them). I have since performed more app updates, though have not added more patches or new apps (including updating to UberKernal 1.4.1-58 from 1.4.1-21), and it still behaves the same way.

    The fact that it doesn't do it 100% of the time is what confuses me, and that it popped up days after my last software/patch update, not immediately after it.

    as I said, a Java restart resolves it, but I don't want to have to restart java every time (or almost every time) I move from wifi to no-wifi.

    any one have any clues or is it time to start uninstalling patches and software?

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    update: in the time since witing my first the Pre has uttely failed to reproduce this problem, despite several days of it happening regularly beforehand. No updates or new softwaree were either applied or removed since, it just seems to have spontaniously fixed itself. Oh well!

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