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    Hey guys and gals, I got the Pre Plus for fathers day and I love it. I have a few questions I couldn't find the answers too though

    1)Why are some of this ringers grey, and some blue behind the play button?
    2) is there a patch that lets you set a different sound for the system notifications, and the text notifications?
    3) Is there a way to sort the contacts by category like in days of olde?
    4) Also while on memory lane, is there a way to scroll/swipe to the next contact while I'm looking at one
    5) Is there w way to set different colors to calendar events, other then having them come from differnet devices?
    6) last one, is there a way to see the whole day on the screen in the calendar? Right now it only shows a few hours at a time.

    Tanks in advance!
    P.S. I hope this is the right place to ask
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    no categories

    have you learned about universal search for contacts? that might change #4

    #5 is synergy. each calendar source will be displayed in a different color

    #6 I think it depends on what is on your calendar

    ps, glad you like your Pre!
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    Also, there are some "agenda" apps that try to approximate a view of the days appointments and tasks. One of them is called "agenda" and is in the preware catalog.
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    (2) Select Alert and Notification Tones (under Sounds & Ringtones in Preware)

    (4) I don't think so

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    1.) I believe the grey ones are extra short ringtones, designed for txt.
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